BESPOKE is used to describe designs, art, furniture, products which are "made to order". 

MESKITA is inspired to make your dream designs come true, that’s why we have created the BESPOKE specialized tailoring department.
Now you can have the opportunity to create something super special and unique.

A BESPOKE DESIGN will be made just for you by our designer Alessandra Meskita and our team of high-end tailors at one of our ateliers. The process starts with an interview in person or FaceTime with Alessandra Meskita. After understanding your ideas, first sketches will be done followed by the development of sustainable fabrics and exclusive prints for your dream dress or design. Weddings, Birthdays, Special Celebrations, Red Carpet Events ask for something memorable and unique. Alessandra will be available to create entire exclusive collections for your dream vacation or special occasion.

MESKITA BESPOKE inquires are available.
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